Create a New Menu

From the 'Rest Menus' tab you can add a new menu.

You need to save the post first before start creating the menu with the builder.

Once you have saved the post a default template will be created for you with a new Row, Column, Section and Menu item.

To edit any of the items press the 'Pencil' icon and a popup window will be displayed:

For the row, column and section item you can edit the title and description. If you don't want to display the title leave it blank and will not be displayed at the front-end.

For the menu item you can attach an image, edit title and description, add several prices, fill the nutrient facts and select diet tags.

For adding diet tags use the category 'Diet Tags' as you would with normal categories for posts. Once you have added them here you can select them in the popup window.

You have other icons that will let you add a new item, remove an item, add existing menu item or duplicate a menu item.

- Add menu item: will create a new empty menu item

- Add existing menu item: will let you select a menu item from a popup window. Take into account that if you use the same menu item in different menus and you modify it then will be modified in the other menus where you are using it.

- Duplicate menu item: will copy the content to a new menu item so you can modify it without affecting the original one.


You can drag and drop rows, columns, sections and menu items. Just pick them up from the title area and move them where you want.